General Printing

This section generally comprises CONTINUOUS and SHEETED Products.


These products generally fall into the three areas shown below:

Letterhead/Continuation/Compliment Slips

One of the most important sheets in your arsenal. Used to provide introductions or quotations which will be viewed by your potential customer’s board of directors. Ignore the perceived quality of your letterhead at your peril. We supply a wide range of generic or watermarked papers, white or coloured in a variety of weights and/or thicknesses. We can print in spot colour(s) or 4 colour process.

Business Cards

Definitely the most important sheet in your arsenal. The business card provides the first window into your company which prospective customers will see. The style and perceived quality of the business card is vital. We can supply a wide range of silk, gloss or matt boards, white or colour, embossed and/or laminated, printed in spot colour(s) or 4 colour process.

NCR Sets/books/pads

Collated sets, cut sheets or continuous fanfold, glued, crimped, stitched (stapled), sprocket punched, perforated, numbered etc etc. Printed up to 4 colours on either face or reverse or both.


Think continuous, think sprocket holes.
We supply many different sprocket driven, continuous products, in a wide variety of depths and widths. Single or Multi-part requirements can be met as well as special products like Security Pay advices and ‘tab-on’ label products. We are confident you will not have seen a product which we have not already supplied.

The above descriptions apply to Order Forms, Delivery Documentation, Invoices, Statements, Order books and pads, Goods inwards forms, etc. in both continuous and sheeted form.